Top Tips For Boosting Your Mobile Phone Signal In Seconds

mobile in hand
mobile in hand

If You Want To Learn How To Boost Your Mobile Phone Signal Then Read The Following Carefully:

  • The efficiency of mobile signal boosters
  • How to clear out potential obstructions
  • Maximizing your battery’s potential
  • Removing blockages with your mobile antenna
  • Creating me-time
  • Optimizing the use of a Wi-Fi network
  • Pinpointing the closest mobile tower

According to modern research, a significant portion of the UK’s population owns a smartphone (94 %). As more and more people end up with a mobile phone, they are starting to look out for mobile-related benefits. They are starting to make calls with their smartphones, using the Internet, and even using social media accounts to upload photos or write statuses. They want to do these things wherever they are without having to think twice.

The Importance of Cellular Service

The simplicity behind needing access to a 3G or 4G network is what makes this topic important. And it doesn’t matter whether your building is a five-star hotel, a convention centre or a commercial office.

No one likes the idea of having a good smartphone in hand but not being able to use it because the signal is weak. This happens all the time when the progress bar doesn’t load all the way.

This isn’t the way things should be but it tends to happen all the time.

If you are going to be spending an obscene amount of money on phone bills then it’s important to get what you are paying for. This is why a reliable network is a must or your mobile phone isn’t going to be worth a lot at all.

How to boost mobile phone signal

With the help of this guide, you can implement a few tips to ensure you get a stronger mobile phone signal in seconds. If you require 4G signal the steps are still the same, just the amplifier for 4G signal booster will operate off a separate frequency.

1) Remove Obstructions

The first thing mobile phone owners should do is remove obstructions between them and the tower to improve mobile signal strength.

This means you want to maintain clear sight between yourself and the tower. This isn’t always easy depending on where you are located but anything in this regard can make a noticeable difference. You will often see people run around trying to do this manually (i.e. sticking their hand out the window) but that’s just one way of doing things. These people realise the importance of maintaining a stronger connection by reducing the amount of obstruction that’s in the way.

The issue people deal with has to do with a few reasons.

These reasons include:

  • The distance between yourself and the mobile tower
  • The materials around you such as metal, thick walls, concrete, and other similar barriers
  • External obstruction such as mountains, valleys, hills, trees, and skyscrapers
  • Internal obstruction such as metal objects, magnetic objects, electronics, and other similar items
  • Inclement weather

So, what should a person do then to strengthen mobile phone signal?

The goal is to implement the following tips for maximum results:

  • Get as close to a nearby window as possible to reduce obstruction
  • Step outside
  • Remove potential clutter indoors
  • Don’t stand next to tall skyscrapers
  • Go as high as possible for a stronger mobile phone signal

These tips are going to go a long way in making your mobile phone signal stronger.

Of course, there are times when the weather’s going to get in the way. This can be difficult to navigate around, especially when it starts snowing or becomes windy.

For mobile towers, you are going to want to reduce the number of things between you and the tower. The connection is only made when the mobile tower can reach out to the smartphone. This is why cellular signals are never as strong as they need to be and this can hamper how strong your signal is.

2) Use Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

This is one of those manual solutions that can get the job done depending on your situation.

You are going to take a mobile signal booster and use it to increase your signal exponentially. Some people notice a change of 32x with something as simple as this. The best part is they work with all types of carriers and/or mobile phones. This is a great investment for the short and long-term, especially when it comes to businesses.

Of course, there are issues when it comes to mobile phone signal boosters. You are going to want to understand how they work because there are times when the booster isn’t going to help with overall quality such as dropped calls, long loading screens, and a general reduction in voice quality.

You will want to take the time to see whether or not these pros and cons are worth your time. You should take the time to see which one works best to ensure the mobile phone signal booster is worth the trouble. Only the right one is going to get the job done. Try Enterprise Phone Boosters


3) Keep the Battery at 100 %

Your phone’s battery is important and you want to keep it as charged as possible throughout the day.

When you are trying to connect to the local mobile tower, you will want to have as much energy to work with. This is when power matters for your phone. If you don’t have enough power, it’s difficult to access the mobile tower properly.

What can you do to save a bit of battery life?

  • Reduce the screen’s brightness
  • Turn off features such as NFC and Bluetooth
  • Turn off unused applications
  • Update the mobile phone
  • Turn off push notifications
  • Don’t place the phone in the sun or extreme environments

A lot of people overcome these issues by investing in a quality case and/or portable battery charger.


4) Don’t Obstruct the Mobile Phone Antenna

External antennas were a common thing when it came to traditional mobile phones. However, modern devices have become different and most of these antennas are placed inside. This means it becomes even harder to maintain a strong connection.

While these components are strong, they still need access to get the job done as intended. You should try keeping the smartphone vertical at all times or the antenna will get blocked. In general, the average phone is set up to work vertically and as soon as it is turned horizontally, your hands are going to get in the way of the antenna. The same applies to those who hold their phones with both hands.

You should make sure to keep the phone upright at all times to avoid blocking the antenna. This will help to improve mobile network signal.

5) Aim for a Bit of Me-Time

Yes, this is something people don’t think about when it comes to their smartphones. You want to understand a lot of people will try to access the same tower in your area.

A good example of this would be going to a local sporting event and trying to use your smartphone. It’s not going to be as easy as you think and the network will continue to drop because everyone is connected to the same network. As soon as the network is clogged up, you start to see a drop in calls, slow Internet, poor call quality, buffering text messages, and a general reduction in speed.

To make sure you are not battling against a thousand or so people, why not aim for a less populated part of town? This is a great way to boost your strength in seconds.

6) Find a Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi networks are a great way to bypass this issue, especially in this day and age. You can use Wi-Fi Calling as a way to use the Internet and/or make calls.

Some of the region’s largest companies such as Sprint and T-Mobile have started to use this technology.

If you have a strong Internet connection, why not take advantage of a service such as this?

7) Find a Nearby Mobile Phone Tower

Do you know where the nearest phone tower is? You will want to know where it is to make sure you are as close to it as possible. If you need a signal booster for Vodafone and o2 often share base stations while EE may have its own but this varies across the UK.

A lot of websites offer access to this information based on your carrier. Feel free to go through them and determine where the tower is located. By staying close to it, you are going to see an immediate improvement in your signal strength.

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