Mobile Signal Boosters for Office Buildings

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Mobile Signal Booster for Large Office Buildings

The Importance of Office Signal Booster

Our mobile signal booster solution for office buildings has been an important solution for companies throughout the Ireland, leading to increases in productivity and sales revenue. Having staff, and a sales team readily accessible on their mobile has been the key to landing many successful deals.

Many offices across the Ireland have mobile signal issues. If your office is based in a city and you continually have poor mobile signal in the office, our signal boosters are the solution. We work on smaller projects covering 10 staff to large scale signal boosters for offices covering up to 70 floors.


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Why Do You Have Poor Mobile Signals in Your Office?

IE cities receive a strong signal from all network providers including Vodafone, O2, Three and Eir. The problem arises from how the offices are constructed, a focus on insulation and heat retention means using materials that block the GSM, 3G and 4G signal entering the office. Mobile signal operates on frequency bands that struggle to get through numerous building materials including concrete, steel and foil backed insulating materials. In particular, kingspan insulation acts as a barrier for phone signals entering office buildings.

Advantages of Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office Buildings

There are two noticeable advantages to having mobile signal boosters installed in your office:

  1. A fast stable internet connection without wifi – It can be seen as a primary or back up data connection for your staff. All employees can connect to the internet with good speeds and stable connections. No matter what corner of the office you are in or what floor you are on your internet connection is stronger with correctly installed signal boosters. Improved internet connectivity will increase the productivity of your team. Additionally, employees will not experience the frustration of slow internet speeds. Potentially, improving employee satisfaction in the company.
  2. Better quality phone call signal and voice clarity – Failed calls and poor quality phone calls can hinder your company’s professional reputation. A signal booster ensures you that phone calls have good voice clarity and are successful. With a signal booster, you can be confident that your phone signal will not cut out in a call with an important client.

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