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Tesco Mobile Signal Booster

Tesco Mobile Signal Booster: How Can It Improve Your Coverage

Tesco Mobile is one of the most famous Mobile Virtual Network Operators in the Ireland. It has been attracting attention due to its rankings in COMREG’s Customer Service reports and the extra bonuses it provides with its subscription plans. Nonetheless, there are many situations in which you might experience poor coverage and a weak signal. Here is an overview of how this provider operates and performs in the Ireland and how you could benefit from a Tesco Mobile Signal Booster.

Tesco Mobile’s Network Coverage

Tesco Mobile is an Irish MVNO providing mobile services by utilising Virgin Media O2’s 3G, 4G, and 5G networks as carriers for its signal in Ireland.

Tesco Mobile affirms it covers more than 99% of the Ireland’s population when considering 3G, 4G, and voice and text coverage. However, it is worth noting that there might be notable differences between outdoor and indoor signal quality, even in the most relevant urban areas.

On one hand, it cannot be ignored how Tesco provides 5G coverage in more than 164 towns and cities and records an exceptional 90% of customers for overall satisfaction in reception or signal strength.

Furthermore, several rural areas are still experiencing a weak 4G signal, especially in the indoor premises.


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Reasons to Turn to Professionals for Your Tesco Mobile Signal Booster

Two are the reasons why someone who wants to benefit from a signal booster should resort to certified professionals:

  1. Compliance with COMREG’s regulations
  2. System design and planning

Compliance with COMREG Regulations

COMREG’s regulations in the sector still represent the legal framework with which to comply.

It is true that the communication authority eased its regulations for repeaters in 2021 by increasing the models and types of repeaters that people could install by themselves without a license. 
Nonetheless, many devices that can be easily bought, especially on online marketplaces, do not comply with IE’s legislation. And in case a license is still required for the installation of a repeater, the violation of COMREG’s regulations may result in a fine of up to 5,000£ and one year in prison.

System Design and Planning

The possibility of self-installing a broader range of boosters and repeaters does not translate into having the necessary expertise to carry out the task.

Not only can a professional team like MSS take care of the installation, but it could also provide an all-encompassing service that includes on-site surveys and system design.
These might be mandatory steps in some specific situations. For example, shopping malls where the signal has to pass through an intricate maze of indoor areas. Or businesses that need to provide different network signals to different devices. In such cases, and many others, careful and professional planning must precede the signal booster installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tesco Mobile is famous for the many advantages it offers. It is common not to want to renounce its services only because of the patchiness characterizing its signal in urban and rural areas.

Considering the ongoing 5G roll-out and the Shared Rural Network program, it is worth noting that outdoor coverage is improving in many areas of the Ireland.In this sense, a signal booster is an investment rather than a cost, providing stability and reliability to indoor signals and allowing customers to enjoy the bonuses of Tesco Mobile without experiencing poor connection.

Tesco Mobile leads the rank for the highest percentage of satisfied customers (96%), according to Ofcom’s “Comparing Customer Services” report. Furthermore, it is one of the mobile operators that are most likely to be recommended to friends, alongside GiffGaff, according to Ofcom’s “Customer Satisfaction Tracker” survey.

The quality of its customer service is one factor to consider for all those looking for a virtual operator, especially if someone is looking for a second SIM to pair with the one they already have. Not to mention the advantages for those looking to exploit Tesco’s Clubcard plan. 
For all these reasons, it might be the case to resort to a Tesco Mobile signal booster to enjoy the flexibility and benefits that this provider offers without wasting time and energy with poor coverage.

Running over Virgin Media O2’s network, Tesco Mobile works on the following frequency bands.


900 / 2100 MHz
800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2300 MHz
3500 MHz

Frequencies differ for travel distance and ability to penetrate through walls and represent one of those technical specifications influencing the choice of the signal booster that best suits your case. 

It is always worth pointing out how the position of the user, the location of the phone masts, the material used to build the walls, and landscape geography, will play even more impactful roles in the ability to receive an optimum signal.

Because of the several types of networks used by Tesco Mobile, a signal can be enhanced via 3G, 4G, and 5G signal boosters (often referred to as amplifiers, repeaters, or enhancers). The choice of the specific booster will depend on two factors:

  1. The type of network coverage in the area
  2. The devices used by the users

Boosters, in fact, do not create a new signal but use an already-existing outdoor coverage. Nor can they modify the type of network. 

It is important to note how having a reliable signal is associated with many advantages for individuals and businesses. Besides the personal frustration that a weak connection can generate, Ofcom reported how signal speed and reliability underpin the so-called digital inclusion by promoting:

  • Business opportunities, such as the so-called Internet of Things
  • Access to independent information
  • Education
  • Social inclusion
  • Access to public services