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Poor mobile signal reception, slow internet, and dropped calls can be frustrating. With the advancing technology in the mobile business environment, such issues should be a thing of the past. Dropped calls are not only disappointing but also costly for most businesses. Recent advancements have made it possible to reduce the rate of dropped or missed calls due to a weak signal. Gone are the days when mobile phone users would get a poor connection or no signal at all. The modern-day phone user expects nothing but a strong and reliable reception regardless of if they are in a hospital or in a shopping centre.

Many businesses today rely on cell phones to conduct business. Both the employer and staff use mobile phones, especially when working remotely. Any service interruption due to a weak signal and slow 3G internet makes it almost impossible to run or conduct business smoothly, and can have a devastating impact on the business. It is only with a strong cellular signal that you can make or receive a business call without seeing any of these issues.

A strong signal is not only essential when working remotely, but also while within the office environment. Many companies today use and depend on cell phones to make and accept business calls. An unreliable or weak signal means you will either miss a call from that important client or won’t be able to make the call. Most office buildings are known to block cellular signals, making reception weak within the building. Dead zones are prevalent in most office buildings, which is one of the reasons your phone might not be getting any reception. Fortunately, there is a solution for this.

Commercial Phone Boosters

Commercial cell phone boosters come in handy to amplify the signal in almost any building, thus improving reception. One of the advantages of enterprise cell boosters, is the fact that it supports many phones within the business enterprise; hence no more dropped calls or dead zones. These cell boosters, however, come in various configurations depending on the size of the building and users, among other features. Some of the best business signal boosters are capable of boosting cell service inside unconventional structures and spaces such as basements, parking garages, museums, hotels, hospitals, and other complex structures.

The fact that mobile boosters help amplify cell signals make them essential in most office environments especially if the office covers many large buildings. Here are some of the reasons why these boosters have become common today.



With the diversity of cellular networks, multiple cell carriers may be required in an office environment. The business environment may hold dozens, if not hundreds of employees who depend on such carriers to call or connect to the internet. A single cell phone amplifier is, however, all that is needed to improve cell service for almost all the carrier networks.

3G, 4G LTE, and 5G – What Does This Mean?

Most of our boosters are compatible with the 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE spectrum with a few (at least one) supporting the new 5G service. The largest percentage of cell carriers typically use 4G LTE service with most rural areas still on 3G.

Data Text, and Calls

Cell phone signal boosters available at Mobile Signal Solutions are designed to amplify and provide a stable cellular service for calls, text, and data streaming on 4G LTE speeds.

How To Identify/Determine The Right Phone Booster For Your Needs?

The first consideration should be the building or complex that you are looking to cover, what are the materials used in its construction?, what is the square meter area that you need to cover? What function or role does it serve; eg a hotel?

Cellular signal is measured in dB(decibel). A cell booster works by adding dB gain to the specific signal thus expanding its coverage in an area. A wireless booster is therefore capable of adding/boosting gain by a certain dB. Signal gain isn’t the only factor to consider when shopping for a phone signal booster. Nonetheless, the higher the dB gain a booster has, the wider the coverage will be.

“Ofcom” regulations dictate how much gain a single wireless booster can provide. These regulations are meant to prevent possible oscillation issues with cell towers. All cell phone boosters available at Mobile Signal Solutions, however, abide by the regulations and are calibrated to reach maximum legal gain.

How Can I Purchase A Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

Mobile Signal Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all types of commercial cell boosters. Our cell phone boosters can be installed in professional industries, businesses, industrial spaces, and offices. You can shop and make an order of your preferred phone booster online, by simply placing an order over the phone. If you are unsure of the installation procedure, you can ask for professional help from our certified installers. Simply send us an email or give us a call to schedule the installation.

How Do I Maintain My Commercial Phone Booster?

Whether you have a consumer-level or modern commercial booster they both have an innovative design and build, hence very easy to use and maintain. One way to ensure your phone booster is in the best condition is by checking all components monthly. This way, you will be able to detect a fault or problem before it is too late. Should you identify a potential issue, you can try fixing it or contact out professional installers for troubleshooting.

Here is a checklist of what needs to be done when performing routine maintenance for your signal amplifier.

  • 1. Check the amplifier’s temperature. Cell phone boosters will remain functional even at temperatures as high as 65 degrees Celsius. Any temperature higher than that indicates an issue.
  • 2. Check for damaged cables. Pinching, fraying, and naked cables are a sign of trouble.
  • 3. Inspect indoor and outdoor antennas. The antennas should be free from dirt, dust, and not obscured at all. They should also be secured firmly for optimal performance.
  • 4. Reset or power cycle the amplifier. Resetting the amplifier, or power recycling it might help fix various technical issues. All that needs to be done to power-cycle the amplifier is turn it off, wait for 30 seconds, then power it on again.

Factors That Contribute To Poor Signal Reception In Business Buildings, Commercial Spaces, And Industrial Facilities

  • Topography
    Area topography matters a lot when it comes to signal reception. Mountainous regions, and areas with thick foliage are more likely to have a poor signal. A phone signal booster may, however, help improve reception in such areas.
  • Location
    Distance from the nearest cell tower might also be the reason for poor reception and dropped calls. For example, if you live on a farm way out in the countryside it could be miles from the nearest cell tower. A Yagi antenna kit will, however, come in handy in improving reception and signal range where cell towers are too far away.
  • Interference From Building Materials
    Most building materials used today can reduce or block signals completely, creating a dead zone in the building. These include stone, concrete, wood, shingles, brick, drywall, glass, and metal framing. Without a powerful cell tower close by, or a signal booster, most modern buildings will have dead spots with poor to no signal reception.
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