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Vodafone Sure Signal Solutions Booster

Commercial installation by MSS signal boosters include Sure Signal Boosters. This is an older technology used in the UK in the past and we no longer recommend them. However we can support existing Sure signal installations and equipment by ourselves and our resellers. 

Commercial Installations with Sure Signal as a Solution

If you have already completed a survey we can recommend you alternative equipment to replace Sure signal that is more powerful, covers 3G and 4G as well as being 5G ready as it rolls out across the UK.

A survey can be arranged on site within 3 working days across the UK to help identify what equipment is best suited. Sure Signal can be supplied directly by MSS at the lowest cost or you can buy from companies that are sure signal resellers .

Sure Signal resellers

MSS can supply you with a list of resellers locally if you wish to buy at a higher price with local support. Our offices in the UK cover 24 hours and next day on site for all areas in England and most areas in Scotland and Wales and with 48 hour support for high land areas.  Sure Signal boosters were used in the UK by the Vodafone Network and only boosted the Vodafone network.

Sure signal boosters were predominately used for smaller installations such as a small deadspot in your home but we offer higher powered units installed by our very qualified installers.

What are the facts around Sure Signal

  • They no longer guarantee a good network connection.
  • The technology is limited to one network.
  • The sure signal technology is no longer backed up by the networks.
  • You will not be able to replace damaged equipment using the standard methods prior to 2021

The Vodafone network has discontinued working with Sure signal boosters and will no longer back up the sure signal. The end of life for Sure signal is a reason MSS has decided to recommend higher quality, more powerful signal boosters for UK and European clients.

Commercial Installations using Sure Signal Solutions?

MSS (Mobile Signal Solutions) has a number of alternatives to Sure signal boosters for the larger building installations. There are a number, of high powered boosters of up to 100dBm that can be used and have many advantages over Sure Signal.

The MSS boosters covers the Vodafone network but can be switched to any networks such as 3, virgin mobile and any other networks you can think of.

The MSS boosters are much more powerful than the sure signal boosters emitting between 10 and 50 times more power across the home or building

The MSS boosters are covered with a three year warranty and backed by the MSS guarantee of signal.

How do I replace a Sure Signal Installation?

There are two main options Email our team and we can help that way or one of our members can get on a call with you and help out.

Are Sure Signal Boosters reliable?

No Sure Signal is not a reliable mobile booster service. The networks have discontinued support for the Sure Signal Boosters from 2021 onwards and they will no longer be supported. We recommend you find an alternative to Sure signal in order to remain compliant and to stay up to date in 2022 and the years after. MSS are happy to suggest alternatives that all all network compatible.

Are Sure Signal Boosters Legal?

The sure signal repeaters are low powered and have often shown poor or limited results across the UK. They are no longer supported by the registered network Vodafone but are most likely legal once they continue to operate normally and do not malfunction. 

What should I do if I have a Sure Signal Signal Booster?

Contact MSS and we can recommend a replacement unit that is both legal, reliable and has full back up service and warranty in place for 2022 and beyond.

For larger installs we will send an engineer out to the building to complete a survey and recommend what parts of the system we can keep and what will be replaced to ensure you have a effective and low price alternative to Sure signal boosters

What is a Sure Signal Booster?

It is a booster that will work with the mobile network Vodafone and boost vodafone signal in an area indoors. It has been discontinued by Vodafone in the UK and is no longer supported.

Is Sure signal the best installer?

No, Sure Signal is predominantly a small install and as a rule does not work well for larger buildings or larger systems such as offices, hotels, schools, retail departments, etc. You should contact MSS for a quote to install and help to identify a signal booster that will meet your needs and we will help with your mobile signal booster that needs replacing. 

Indoor mobile phone coverage is hugely important in the UK and as we see a move to rural living we will see an increase in demand across the more rural areas of England, Scotland and Wales. MSS believes that everyone in the UK deserves full coverage of both voice and 4G data and we will recommend a system to ensure you have coverage in over 95% of the building regardless of the location.

In order to guarantee signal MSS signal boosters requires four main items

  1. Outdoors signal levels at least 100dB
  2. Signal for Voice over 3G and data over 4G networks
  3. Ability to mount an outdoor antenna and connect via cable to a indoor amplifier
  4. Ability to cable indoor antennas to the areas most affected

If you need a Sure Signal booster installation or replacement contact the office of MSS where we will guarantee sure signal solutions for all networks not just Vodafone and can install a Sure Signal solution or a better solution for you within 2 weeks of the survey and sign off.

Are sure signal repeaters and sure signal boosters the same thing?

The words repeater and booster are used interchangeably but they are technically 2 separate devices. The mobile repeater has predominantly been illegal in the UK and is usually a generic brand and remains illegal in the UK since legislation changes in 2018 by Ofcom. MSS engineers can help identify what is legal in the Uk or Europe as the legislation varies and has been changing since the UK regulator Ofcom and each country’s EU regulators amended local laws.

MSS is committed to remain the most reliable and best value commercial Sure signal installer in the UK for all our customers and resellers of Sure signal boosters.

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