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3G Signal Booster in Ireland

What is 3G?

3G is looked at now as being outdated, but it plays a huge role in cellular networks across Ireland, and it’s still something you use in everyday life. Understanding 3G is what leads you to the basis of 4G and 5G – which are both far more modern technologies.


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3G Functionality

3G stands for ‘third generation. It’s used to provide signals to phones, so you can call, text, and access the internet, and the core technology is a lot like 4G and 5G. There have been huge developments in the number of cell towers in Ireland; these towers provide widespread strong reliable signals. But users may drop in and out of these cells as they move around. The introduction of 3G led to the term ‘mobile broadband’, as this was the first time it became an option to use the internet whilst on the move; for example, on a train or as a passenger in a car.

3G Advantages

With 3G network technology, clients will experience high speeds for their communication which supersedes the 2G network technology as well as other dated technologies, for use in data communication.

  • Faster data transfer rate
  • Anywhere access to the internet.
  • Always online devices
  • Customers will get high-speed network for the data communication
  • Anywhere access to the internet
  • Good for data-intensive application
  • Customer will get wireless broadband
  • Video call and big MMS
  • Uninterrupted video streaming on phones
  • It is extremely faster than previous networks

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