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Mobile Signal Boosters For Home

At MSS we focus on commercial installations for large areas, and are approved resellers for all network carrier brands and as such are not limited to any one brand. If you are looking for a smaller solution to fit a home, we can give you proper advice on what to buy and what to expect from your mobile phone signal booster for home and industry. If you’re looking for a commercial installation, you’re in the wrong place, click here to find out more and contact our team of professional installers today.

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About Home & Indoor Signal Boosters

At Mobile Signal Solutions, our primary role is installation of commercial amplifiers, our engineers are available to give free estimates and complete next day surveys. However, we understand there are many site visitors in need of a low cost, legal, self-install amplifier. As a result we have added the best available units that can be installed without RF scanning equipment to give you reasonable results. These amplifiers are not suitable for large luxury homes, or commercial use so get in touch for larger installations today.

There are also many illegal amplifiers on the market, we are here to help you stay safe. Remember it is legal to sell these to you, but if you broadcast from an illegal amp (i.e. plug it in) you are open to up to one year in prison and unlimited fines. If you see an amplifier for under €650, it is our opinion that they will not meet the legal requirements set by Comreg.


Which amplifier should you buy?

  • Standard home, excellent outdoor signal & need all mobile networks Buy Huaptec Available from €779
    Why? Because it’s much cheaper then any other Legal amplifier, one unit covers all networks, so you will cover most of your home at the lowest cost possible with 3G and 4G coverage for all Ireland networks.
  • Standard home with poor to average signal outside but you need multiple networks Buy Cel-fi (one unit per network) form €1595
    Why? Because the Cel-fi amplifier is three times as powerful, even though it only does one network at a time, it is the only mobile signal booster that will give coverage outside of the room the amplifier is in.

    If you only need one room you could try Huaptec but it will provide very limited coverage around the amplifier and will not broadcast to the rest of the house.

  • Large home with excellent outdoor signal – Get a quote
    Call us today, as Huaptec will cover areas up to 3,000 sq feet when using multiple amps and can be more cost effective.

    Why? We can provide a Huaptec solution where we can add 3 antennas, placed around the home, for example in the attic, and office where the amplifier is beaming down you have 3 points broadcasting signal and get more coverage. We can help you understand this system and, if needed, install it for you.

    Cel-fi will cover a much larger area but will require 4 amplifiers to cover all networks, with each amplifier being expensive on its own.

Which amplifier should you buy?

  • Large home with poor signal outside
    Cel-fi is the only option unless you want to cover just one main room, call us today so that we can advise you in the best solution for the best value. Essentially each amplifier can do one network at a time but it can be changed using the app easily if you ever change networks.

    Why? Cel-fi operates at the maximum legal power levels and as a result can only broadcast 1 network into the home at any one time to stay compliant. When the input signal from outdoors is weak this extra power is necessary to give you coverage in the home, using a less powerful amp will result in only 1 room having good signal, with the walls inside your home blocking the signal as it travels making it unusable.

  • Luxury home & need coverage everywhere
    This requires a design that limits antennas to an absolute minimum and is a powerful enough booster to still broadcast to every area of the house. This will use a carrier grade industrial amplifier and be designed to overlap signal in the home giving 100% coverage. This option is a certified installer option only. Call for a FREE estimate today, a survey can be arranged, which will have a small fee.


Note The official data sheets for all the above amps will promise more as they are based on perfect signal inputs at levels that do not exist once you move away from the local cell tower and assume the area has no walls. It is impossible achieve these results in a real world setting, please use the guide below and call if in any doubt.

What type of booster do you support?

MSS have access to all legal mobile phone signal booster for home improving connectivity for the entire household. Choose from two of the leading mobile signal repeater providers, Huaptec or Cel-Fi, for the best self install solution for you. Whether you’re using Vodafone, Tesco, Three or any other IE network provider, MSS can get you connected.

Vodafone Home signal booster
The largest Network in the IE has stopped production of its Sure Signal unit and now recommends independent 3rd party Signal Boosters. We supply all the main brands, Cel-Fi and Huaptec, to the domestic market.
Three Home Signal Booster
The Three network, which was once only across the 2100 Mhz range, now extends across multiple frequency bands. The boosters we offer will be suitable for the band that is broadcasting locally for you, Cel-fi amplifiers will be programmed via the amp itself, while Huaptec amps will automatically find the best band locally to boost for you.
TESCO Home Signal Booster
Tesco operates as a Virtual mobile network and has no network of its own, there is also no Tesco brand signal booster, you will be on the o2 network for the duration of your contract.

An o2 signal repeater will work with Tesco mobile, a Huaptec booster is suitable for small areas, while a Cel-fi booster is more suited for larger areas.

EIR Home Signal Booster
Only available in Ireland, was previously Eircell and sold to Vodafone in the 90’s. The Eir network was created after the sale when the parent company realised it needed to be in the mobile network as well as the land line industry, as a result the new network is not as extensive as the main competitions in many areas and a booster will help solve any issues you have with signal indoors.

Why Choose Our Home Signal Boosters?

  • We are not aligned to any one company, therefore we can offer a range of boosters to suit your needs, rather than restrict you to a specific brand. In general the 2 main brands that are on the market and legal are the Huaptec and Cel-fi Boosters, which are very different and each are more suitable to certain circumstances.
  • We will always give you the best advice, ensuring the time spent installing is not wasted and you have a working solution at the end of the instal. We will give you realistic data, making sure you will know the limitations of all amplifiers before purchasing.
  • The data sheets provided by the brands are for lab test environment conditions, they will never boost signal to the extent they promise, we will help guide you on the most appropriate brand and model for your home.

Enhance 3G, 4G, and 5G Connectivity

Any of the systems we provided will always boost 3G and 4G, it is a requirement of Comreg to meet the required standards to be approved, as a result 3G and 4G will be boosted.

5G will be very much based on the signal in your areas as they are rolled out across the Ireland networks.

Compatible with Leading Carriers

Yes, all amplifiers sold by Mobile Signal Solutions are compatible with all network providers across Ireland

Seamless Installation for Home and Residental Use

Unfortunately, installing a home signal booster is not a seamless process, while it is possible to self-install there are steps involved. Please do not buy a booster if you live in a flat as it is not possible to place an aerial outside. You will need to do be able to do the following:

  • Have signal outside.
  • Place an outdoor aerial, where the signal is best.
  • Drill an 8mm hole into the room the amplifier will be located in.
  • Push the cable through the hole to where the amplifier will be located.
  • Plug in and switch on the amplifier, and check results.
  • If signal is not strong, change the direction of the outdoor aerial – We suggest the 8 point test, move it 45 degrees each time until you get the best results.

Do Not buy an amplifier if you do not have a way to follow these steps – it will not work without the outside aerial being at least 10m away from the amp and in an area with good signal, usually this will be up high.

Hassle-Free Setup: Boost Signals in Minutes

We won’t lie, it’s not hassle free! To self-install a booster, make sure you allow at least an hour to install your signal booster at home and have someone with you to hold the ladder, as you will need to access your rood, while you fit the aerials and drill the hole needed for cable.

Is it worth it – Yes, absolutely, you’ll get good signal for life and be able to make a cup of tea inside while your phone actually has bars!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a mobile signal booster enhance my home connectivity?

If you find that mobile signal in your home is poor, you can purchase a mobile signal booster for your home to improve cellular connectivity. Signal reception can be affected in the home because of an issue with your network carrier or it could be a result of building materials used in your home, such as stone, thick brick or insulation, which can block and obstruct the signal.

Purchasing a self install signal booster is easy. Installing it will require some work. First, you place an antenna outside your home in an area where the signal is strongest. Next, you run a cable from the antenna into your home and connect it to the signal amplifier. The amplifier boosts the incoming signal. Finally, you plug in the signal amplifier, and it distributes the enhanced signal throughout your home, providing improved cellular connectivity for voice calls, text messages, and mobile data. At MSS we have some of the best, Comreg compliant, mobile repeaters to choose from. If you're. not sure which one is right for your home, get in touch with our team today at [email protected]

Are these home signal boosters compatible with multiple network providers?

Yes, a Cel-fi booster can boost any network but only one at any one time, while Huaptec can boost all networks at once, but are more suited to small properties.

What's the difference between 3G, 4G, and 5G boosters?

The 'G' in the levels of communication provided for telecommunication networks stands for Generation, with each new update in technology and data transfer speeds being assigned a new number. For example 3G is an evolution of 2G, and is also the longest-living communication standard.

The difference between 3G, 4G & 5G can be measured in how well they can handle data transfer. The main difference between 3G and 4G;

  • 4G is approx. 3 times faster than 3G
  • 3G does not support high-quality video viewing, while 4G can handle videos and movies with ease.
  • 3G has limits in place for data transfer and speeds of up to 2Mbps, 4G can support high-speed web connectivity to all users on the 4G network.
  • 4G has improved online browsing, where 3G struggles to support online features.

5G is the latest standard in mobile networks, and while it is not yet legal to boost 5G in Ireland, it comes with some incredible advancements. 5G is up to 20 times faster in data transfer speeds than it’s predecessor, is backwards compatible and allows large-scale functioning of the internet to millions. It allows connectivity across several types of devices, from smart cars to medical equipment, seamlessly.

With technological advances rapidly improving, we recommend installing a mobile phone signal booster for your home that will support 5G, so that when regulations allow 5G to be boosted, you are already set up to already boost 5G in your home.

Can I install the signal booster myself, or do I need professional assistance?

Both options are available, professional installs are by qualified engineers with high level scanners so the results will always be better, in addition they use more powerful and more expensive amps. Please contact us for an estimate if ever needed.

This pages sells self-install options that are reasonably easy to install but still require a little time and equipment, and the expected results are outlined above. To choose the best amplifier for your situation email us with any questions. [email protected]