Mobile Signal Boosters for Factories & Warehouses

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Mobile Signal Boosters for Factories & Warehouses

How To Boost a Large Factory’s Mobile Signal

There are two main system types to boost the mobile network signal in a factory. For factories that are up to 25,000 square meters a DAS system is usually employed, this uses multiple antennas that each cover approx, 800 square meters of open space and are connected back to a central amplifier via low loss cables installed in the factory cable trays.

The second system is for very large areas where the dimensions are to 300,000 square meters. This is powered by network grade units which in turn connect to multiple coverage units that distribute the signal across the factory.  These are suitable for large open areas where each coverage unit is deployed to cover up to 5,000 square meters. These coverage units can be deployed via the existing Cat 5 cable or can have a new cable laid, the distance from the main amplifier to each coverage is limited to 150m without an approved signal extender, with extenders it can do 300m from the base units.  This is a bespoke designed system that can help very large organisations improve signal without disruption to the factory floor as the system covers large areas per antenna.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

“The MSS team were very proactive and professional at all times through the project. There was a large manufacturing site with limited to no signal across two floors and they managed to install and complete the work within 5 days safely and with excellent results! I would recommend using this company for any project big or small.”

Adam FieldingUK Manufacturing IT Lead, Baxter International Inc.

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How will a mobile booster help?

Is your business suffering from poor mobile signals across your factory site? We ensure full signal across all IE networks in the entire factory. This can help: 

  • Eliminate potential health and safety issues where staff may need help and have no signal
  • Ensures staff, including management are contactable in all areas of the factory floor
  • Visitors to the factory will have access to their mobile calls and perhaps be able to make faster decisions
  • App and software that is mobile based will work across the entire factory improving productivity
  • Back up to any to any existing broadband as the system will be both voice, 3G and 4G

Difficulties of communication between vital members of staff can lead to expensive mistakes on the shop floor or increases in lag time to fulfill orders. Removing the issue with a MSS signal booster is the first step to a healthier, safer and more profitable workplace.

Your Factory Is In Safe Hands

We have years of experience in installing mobile signal boosting solutions to commercial properties, including factories. We offer 5 years support contracts, leasing arrangements, as well as one off pricing,  our previous customers are to date extremely happy with the results arising from our solutions, and we would be delighted to start the process of helping your factory too.

With our systems, you will no longer have to sit near the window or go outside to get the best signal to send important messages or take a call from one of your clients. Our systems are specially designed for large spaces and our antennas cover all IE mobile networks, Vodafone, O2, EE, Three and resellers such as Virgin, Tesco mobile etc. Improved communication between your employees coupled with access to essential business apps, will of course, solve problems within your business and improve efficiency within your business processes.