Why do UK hotels need full mobile phone signal for their guests?

hotel signal solutions
hotel signal solutions

We live in a technologically focused society. More and more we rely on technology to solve our problems and to just make our lives generally easier or better. A prime example of this is Mobile phones. 

Evolution of the Mobile Phone.

Mobile phones have advanced astronomically since their introduction over thirty years ago, and they have connected us like never before. Originally created as a means to make voice calls on the move, mobile phones marked a great advancement in the area of communications, limited only by expense and poor coverage of mobile phone networks. 

Nowadays, there are many mobile phone networks boasting great coverage nationwide across the UK and worldwide. Mobile phones have also evolved into smartphones.
These smartphones are basically a computer in your pocket, capable of running complex applications and can connect to the internet using wi-fi or by using mobile networks.

Mobile networks are currently moving into their 5th generation.
The 3rd generation of mobile networks(3G for short) was the first to include video calls, web browsing and social media application access, but was slow compared to a landline connection. 

4G mobile networks and now 5G mobile networks are much faster than 3G with speeds comparable to broadband, and with many networks now offering unlimited data packages people can make the most of their smartphone wherever they are.

These advancements have led to over 90% of adults in the UK now owning a Mobile device/smartphone.

How a full mobile phone signal in UK hotels is essential.

Looking at how many people are using Mobile phones these days and the fact that most have unlimited data plans, it is clear that there is a need for a full mobile phone signal wherever there are people, hotels are no exception. While most hotels these days have decent wi-fi connections for their guests, this is not a solution to all of their guests’ needs.

Business professionals want to keep their important documents secure when staying in hotels, for this reason they often prefer to use their mobile data to send or receive files. It is a more secure way of transferring data compared to connecting to a wi-fi network that many unknown people have access to. 

Hotels that want their business conference rooms to be successful need to take that into account and ensure that people can access their mobile data in both their conference rooms and their hotel rooms.

The process of connecting to a hotels wi-fi network is often a cumbersome experience. 

Firstly you have to manually connect to the hotspot, then you have to open your browser, accept the hotel’s terms and conditions and enter your room information. 

While there are some who won’t be bothered by this, there are people that would prefer to just use their unlimited mobile data rather than go through the bother of connecting to the wi-fi. A hotel that has good mobile signal therefore would be more likely to gain return custom from such guests.

These days, using a landline phone for voice calls is a last resort. Generally, everybody uses their mobile phone to make and receive calls and are often offput if they have to find an alternative. 

Providing a full GSM signal therefore is paramount for hotels to keep their guests happy.

Mobile Phone Signal Boosters for hotels

Now it’s confirmed that a full mobile signal is important for a modern hotel to have, it’s time to look at how this is possible.

Wherever there are big buildings like hotels, you will find people outside on their mobile phones in order to get a good signal. This is down to the fact that the mobile network signals run on certain frequencies. Outside the building could have full signal strength, unfortunately though these frequencies are absorbed easily by thick walls and most other building materials, therefore when inside these bigger buildings, people’s mobile network connections suffer severely.

Luckily there are affordable solutions for hotels to get a full mobile signal inside all rooms in the building

Mobile Signal Solutions provide ofcom approved mobile signal boosters for all generations of mobile network. A professional technician will be sent to do a survey of the hotel, find where on the outside of the building the signal is strongest and fit the appropriate signal boosters, then find the rooms where the signal is weakest and strategically place the signal receiver antenna to ensure the whole building receives full signal.

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