What makes mobile signal boosters important?

The demands of the average guest nowadays for wifi have to be accepted, the phone is not for calls its for updating CRM systems, responding to requests on Slack, Email and Whatsapp. With poor or slow broadband clients get frustrated. The need to have returning clients is what is important to every business and for premises like hotels full mobile phone coverage is happy clients.

Why is there no signal in hotels?

Many are modular, meaning they were constructed off site with mass concrete and  the latest insulation, its this insulation and design that saves energy and keeps heat in but also means no networks base stations can push the signal through, even the windows tens to have reflective insulation materials that block the signals. This means for modern hotels a hotel signal booster is the only real answer.

How does a signal booster work in a Hotel?

Its really simple if there is a shaft and east access to cable trays, here a outdoor antenna picks up the signal for all UK networks and brings it down to the booster, each booster is dedicated to a network, this is why they are legal in the UK, they each work off a narrow band. The boosters all send the signal to a combiner which brings all the networks together in n esignal, this is then sent around the hotel using low loss cable. The cable is connected  to a team of antennas that are located in the main open plan rooms and down the halls of the bedrooms.  Each antenna then spreads the signal to the areas close to the omni antenna. This then allows people in close proximity to make and receive calls, The signal bars are the downlink and should now be full, the call quality is the uplink and  this will depend on the quality of the amplifiers used. Mobile Signal solutions only use legal, regulated and premium systems to ensure less dropped call and crystal clear call quality for your guests. Call us today to arrange a mobile phone signal survey and an estimate to give your hotel the full mobile phone signal booster it needs and the booster your guests deserve.

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