Most Common Uses for Signal Boosters in the UK

uses of signal boosters
uses of signal boosters
uses of signal boosters

Mobile phone networks have evolved rapidly in the last decade. The speeds at which data can be downloaded on 4G/5G devices can rival broadband speeds. This increase in speed allows your mobile device to not only make voice calls, but with the use of the device’s camera you can make video calls or even video conference calls without the need for a broadband connection.

Having the freedom to travel and still be able to contact or be contacted by clients using modern means, is invaluable to business.

While Mobile networks have evolved, they are not without issues. Whether you are on the 3G network up to the 5G network, mobile network reception is lost or reduced under certain conditions ie. distance from a cell tower or inside most big buildings.

Luckily there is a solution to these problems, and that solution comes in the form of mobile signal boosters. 

Using a mobile signal booster is a fantastic option for a lot of businesses, powerful amplification ensures a strong signal inside any building using them. One hitch is that they tend to be a bit on the expensive side and therefore are more popular commercially than for personal use.

Below we will outline where mobile signal connection problems most regularly occur in the UK, and how mobile signal boosters are the answer to fix these issues .

Mobile Signal Booster for Offices

Many Office buildings in the Uk suffer from poor mobile signal in part of or all of the building. Dead zones (areas where mobile service is unavailable) can occur when only moving a few metres inside a building. 

This can be a frustrating and costly experience for all involved, dropped calls and missed calls should not happen in the office.

There are a few reasons why this would occur in your office. 

Building materials used in the UK like concrete and steel can stop the mobile signal from penetrating the building, essentially turning your building into a Faraday cage for mobile signals. The signal passes around the building and cannot easily penetrate to the inside.

In smaller buildings it isn’t usually an issue, but in larger buildings and buildings with thick walls, the signal loss can be significant.

Offices that fall into this category can benefit greatly from the use of a well placed mobile signal booster. An antenna is placed on the outside of the building (usually the roof), the Antenna picks up the mobile signal where it is strongest and sends it to a receiver placed inside the office. The receiver then boosts the signal throughout the office, giving you full reception everywhere and no more dropped or missed important calls. An office boasting high mobile signal strength is a major plus in the current office rental market.

Mobile Signal Booster for Hotels

Hotels are notorious for having poor mobile signal in large areas of the building. This is in no small measure down to the giant proportions of most hotel buildings.

In the modern age It doesn’t matter whether a person is staying for business or pleasure, people still want to stay connected to their mobile device at all times. Data Roaming laws have meant that calls outside your home country are not as expensive as they once were, making business calls and home calls from a mobile phone while staying in a hotel a much more frequent occurrence. For this reason it is imperative for modern hotels to have good mobile signal strength where and if they can, to improve customer satisfaction and thus aid in receiving repeat business. Mobile signal boosters make this a possibility.

In the case of most hotels, more than one signal booster will be needed to ensure full coverage throughout the entire hotel. This is not left up to guesswork, a qualified technician will be sent out to assess the hotel and figure out where to strategically place the boosters to maximise their effect. Once finished the hotel’s patrons will have no problems connecting to their mobile devices available networks, which will improve their experience while staying at the hotel.

Mobile Signal Booster for Hospitals

Like Hotels, Hospitals tend to be on the larger end of the building scale. They also tend to have much thicker walls than the average building, to reduce noise between rooms and to protect against natural disasters. Because of this, Hospitals have some of the worst mobile network connection issues in the UK. 

There are some areas in Hospitals that need to be kept mobile signal free, as the signal can interfere with medical equipment and skew results. These areas take up a minute area of the Hospital however, and is no reason for a modern hospital to not improve its mobile data connectivity throughout the majority of the hospital. Patients’ mental health being among the top reasons for its advocacy. Long term patients will attest to the benefit of being able to use their phone inside the hospital. Being able to talk to friends and family can help maintain a sense of normalcy in patients, which lessens their chance of becoming depressed or bored.

To improve a Hospital’s mobile signal connectivity, a specialist technician is sent out to survey the building. They will find out where boosters are needed to ensure a strong mobile signal is available inside the hospital and also how to ensure that there is no signal where it would interfere with equipment.

Mobile Signal Booster for Shopping Centres

Shopping centres see an enormous amount of footfall every day. Thousands of people can visit a single shopping centre on any given day. Shopping centres are more than just a place to shop, many shopping centres are filled with cafes,restaurants and even bars and cinemas, all under one roof. 

As you can imagine, these are huge buildings and run into the same mobile connectivity issues other large buildings encounter. Therefore, as a hub for entertainment it is important that people are able to contact each other easily, as this helps the consumer feel more comfortable inside the space, which relieves stress. Studies have shown that when consumers are feeling less stressed they are more likely to shop for longer periods and also spend more money on average.

It’s common for Shopping centres to need multiple boosters to attain connectivity that encompasses the whole building. A technician is needed to install the boosters in the correct places. Once installed the patrons will enjoy a strong signal in any store in the entire centre, making their shopping experience all the better for it, and more profitable for the centre as a whole.

Mobile Signal Booster for Buildings

There are a few more building types that are worth mentioning with regards to poor signal strength and a need to fix it. 

Large apartment blocks often receive poor mobile signal (especially the lower blocks) due to their size. A contractor looking to market new apartments to potential buyers would have a good selling point if they could boast high mobile signal strength in every apartment. A mobile signal booster in this case would yield a good return on investment. There are mobile signal boosters to suit every need. Call a professional technician, and they will advise you on the best type of booster to use for a whole block of apartments or even just a part of one, depending on your needs. 

Multi Storey car parks are often dead zones for mobile signalssignal. This can be a pain for the patron if they need to make or receive a call just before or after making a journey. Many times they would prefer to do this while still being in the privacy and comfort of their car. A multi story car park with excellent mobile signal throughout, would make it the best parking choice for busy businessmen who make and receive calls regularly, especially in areas where there are many competitor car parks. Strategically placed by a professional technician, one or more mobile signal boosters will make that difference for these people and thus improve the carparks repeat customer ratio.

Mobile Signal Solutions

Mobile Signal Solutions are mobile signal specialists. Based in the UK but serving all of Europe, our experienced UK engineers are experts when it comes to commercial booster installations.

We are an Ofcom recommended company and only deal in Ofcom approved mobile signal boosters.

If you are looking for a solution for any of the above building types, Mobile Signal Solutions has you covered. We have lots of experience, installing Signal boosters in some of the UK’s biggest and finest buildings. Trusted Nationwide and internationally, Mobile Signal Solutions are the premium choice for mobile signal installation.

Contact us for a free estimate. Our engineers will ask a few key details about your building and give you a quote based on that.

The next step is to send an engineer out to the property to do a full survey. Based on the survey results, the engineer will discuss with you what mobile reception issues there are, how we can help improve that situation and what the best options are to suit your budget.

The process between Survey and installation usually takes less than a month and guarantees full coverage in any building. You will never be disappointed with the results we provide. Mobile Signal Solutions, it’s what we do. All you have to do is call.

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