How important is mobile coverage coming into 2022

mobile signal frustration
mobile signal frustration

In the UK based off of an Ofcom report, over 93% of the Uk’s population owns at least 1 mobile phone, many actually own 2 and have other mobile dependant devices like iPads. This makes the networks and their coverage area one of the most important infrastructures for business in the UK

Naturally, with our mobile lifestyle we demand mobile coverage, perfect and fast coverage is now a necessity. We place and receive calls at home, work, even when out with friends and family. Using mobile data to  surf the internet, check in on our social media updates and Upload details on what we just had for dinner!… and do it all on the go! It goes without saying that to do all that needs perfect full mobile network  Service all the time!

Wifi is available in most places but do you have the passcode and what if your phone picks up a virus? Would it not just be easier to use your unlimited mobile phone package to connect to 3G & 4G to make and receive calls and download things from the internet .

This unlimited data comes at a price and you demand access to using it, I mean you’re paying for these high monthly mobile phone bills and their fat cat salaries so the least they can do is provide coverage indoors so I don’t have to freeze outside looking for a signal..

We, the consumer deserve to get what you’re paying for, we demand and expect reliable 3G & 4G LTE, 5G and 6G when it becomes available and not just in the cities but all across the UK. 

Install a signal booster

The easiest and best solution is to have indoor signal, if it’s not available then ask the business owner to look at installing a signal booster, these vary in price from small one room units for £200 to a custom professional signal booster install. The result is when its in place you will come back and spend money with the vendor.

Keep your battery Full so it can connect to the tower, the stronger the battery the better the connection. A low signal drains a battery faster then any app and also a low signal increases the amount or power and radiation (harmless) the phone emits.

Connecting to a mobile tower takes a constant supply of power, so if you’re low on battery, your phone might not have enough juice to find a signal. That’s why many smartphones have a battery-saving mode. But if still find your mobile phone lacking power before the end of the day, we’d recommend 

When you see people looking angry and hanging out a window, they are basically trying to create a clear line of sight between mobile phone and mobile tower and everything in between the signal bounces off

There are about 5 main causes of poor cellular signal:

  • Insulation materials in the walls and roofs designed to block heat loss
  • Distance from the nearest tower
  •  Interference from nearby illegal mobile repeaters
  • Leaves and foliage on the trees
  • Storms and heavy weather
  • Faraday cage – where there is metal obstructing signals
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