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HiBoost Hi10-5S Pro Mobile Signal Booster

1,175.00 Price (inc VAT)

  • Lowest price Comreg approved domestic booster
  • Covers All IE Networks across the 4 major bands
  • Covers Voice – 3G and 4G as standard (subject to outside signal)
  • Cheapest legal amp presently on the market
  • Realistic coverage 400 – 1,500 sq feet cover
  • Not suitable for larger homes or commercial projects
  • Not suitable where outdoor signal is 1 Bar
  • Next Day Delivery via Parcel Force orders before 10am

What is the Hi10-5S Booster Used for?

The Hauptec booster is one of the few amplifiers broadcasting all networks at once. This is it's one major advantage across all competitors, in that it can boost all Ireland Networks at the one time and remain compliant but the disadvantage is the power is low at 10dB and means the coverage is limited and its not suitable for large homes or commercial use.

This 5s model booster supports 5 bands, one extra then the 4s model. The extra band covered is the 700 MHz and is the reason for the additional fee. This is a nice to have feature but your signal boosted indoors will be almost as good with the cheaper 4s amplifier and will work just as well in almost every case.  The 700 MHz was previously only used for TV and has been cleared so it can be used by the mobile operators in the future for additional 4G and 5G broadcasting. 

The amplifier is only 10dB and as a result is ideal for areas where the outdoor signal is strong, where signal is below 2 bars the unit will still work but the coverage will be reduced. 

It is however the best value amplifier in Ireland thats meets Comreg regulations and Hauptec is the only supplier that covers all networks in the home at once. The reason the power is low is to allow the amplifier cover all networks and not overload the basestations.  This domestic signal booster is Ideal for people who have good coverage outdoors but none indoors and need a small to medium sized home covered.

Added to Comreg approved list in December 2023

Where Outdoor signal is 5 Bars you can expect to cover

  • The open plan area around the booster up to to 2000 square feet on that floor plus some additional coverage in the room directly above the amplifier
  • Where the home has internal walls this reduces to 1400 square feet if the amplifier is centrally located.


  • Brand: Huaptec
  • Wireless Communication Standard: Comreg COMPLIANT
  • Data Transfer Rate: Determined by local network operator, speeds will vary.
  • Special Feature : All mobile networks boosterWeight: Under 2 kg
Hauptec 4S Infographic

What to expect after you buy?

We do next day delivery for orders before 10am and orders after that will be 2 days via Parcel force 24. Once received the pack comes with all you need to install and improve your signal.

After installation you can expect a perfect signal in the area immediately surrounding the signal booster in your home, this cell phone signal booster will make all networks improve and has a built in internal antenna.

Standard Kit Includes

  • Outdoor aerial
  • Amplifier with built-in aerial
  • 15m Cable with N-type connector at one end and a small SMA connector at the other
  • IE Power supply
  • Instructions Manual

Hi10 4S pro kit


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