Frequently Asked Questions About Signal Boosters

Frequently Asked Questions About Signal Boosters

1. What Is A Signal Booster And How It Works?

A mobile phone signal booster is a device that helps amplify a weak mobile or internet signal, thus improving reception significantly. The device works by first receiving the signal from the nearest cell tower, then expanding it, giving you a stronger signal of up to 2 or 3 extra signal bars. This thus eliminates dead zones hence no more dropped calls or slow internet connectivity in the house, boat, office, car or any kind of large buildings (Hotels, Shopping centres, Farms, Factories Nurseries, Hospitals, etc). It will boost IE voice calls, 2G , 3G or even 4G data for all mobile phones connected to the signal booster.

2. How Many Users Can Use One Mobile Phone Repeater At One Time?

While the number of simultaneous users varies from one cell phone repeater to the other, most boosters can handle a little more than 100 users at the same time. This is, of course, for as long as the users are within 300 square meters. As long as one doesn’t move away from the repeater’s operational radius, then he/she will enjoy the benefits without any glitch.

But as for commercial signal boosters concern, our engineers can make you cover an area from 1,000 m2 to 50,000 m2 or 20 stories high building.

3. Are Mobile Phone Signal Repeaters Safe To Use? 

Mobile phones are known to emit some form of radiation which can be harmful to our health.  Radiation emitted however becomes worse if the phone struggles to get reception. A cell phone repeater, however, makes the signal more available hence reducing strain on your phone; thus, very little radiation is emitted. In addition to this, all our phone repeaters are legal and certified. Signal boosters improve the bars on your handset or smartphone and reduce the power levels and hence reduce radiation.

4. Why Should I Consider Ordering My Custom Signal Boosters Solution From Your Website? 

We are one of the leading mobile phone repeater suppliers in IE. Our IE team of installers is based in Ireland and  for self install we only sell COMREG license exempt and easy to use and time-tested mobile repeaters that come with a warranty and after-sales support. We also have our IE customer support staff ready to help you choose the most appropriate signal booster for unique applications. If for one reason or another, the signal booster doesn’t perform to your expectations, we will allow you to return and change it for you. These are just some of the benefits you’ll get from ordering with us. You can consider us the longest and best IE signal booster installer service, Leasing solutions and flexible terms and payment plans as also available to IE citizens with good credit scores.

5. What If I Have 4 Or 5 Bars On My Phone But I Can’t Make A Call?

This would indicate a strong downlink but poor uplink. A phone signal booster can improve the uplink to reduce dropped calls. Or even you can have a situation where you have one bar and you can make a call but your internet connection will be terrible. In these situations, it is best to check signal strength outdoors but in general once you have any signal outside a mobile repeater will boost signal.

6. How Can I Check Signal Strength In dB? 

You can use a simple app to check mobile signal strength. Almost every mobile operating system allows users to check the precise signal level. You might, however, have to switch your phone to FTM (Field Test Mode) to access such data. Some of the most common ways to test signal strength are outlined below: 

  • Android devices: Go to Settings > System > About phone > Status (Phone and Network info) > Network (Depending on your phone model steps to find signal strength in dBm can differ but you are on good way when you enter Settings > System > About phone).
  • iPhone: Type *3001#12345#* then press call
  • Windows phone: Type ##3282#
  • Blackberry: Go to TOOLS >Settings>Status/Options

Be sure to disable Wi-Fi before activating the field test mode. This should make it possible to detect the precise signal level and strength. Contact us if unable to get your device to work. 

Another way to test your phone signal in dB is to buy a device called Signal Meter, these are expensive and used by professional installers. If you have MSS signal booster engineer do a survey they will use a signal scanner on site.

7. How Do I Ensure The Outdoor Directional Antenna Is Installed Correctly?

It might be hard to determine the precise location of the cell tower. If this is the case, you will then need to follow the following steps for the best results:

  • Set everything up inside the house, including the cables and antennas, then power it on.
  • Ask a friend or family member to climb up the roof, then point the antenna in one direction. Monitor the signal from inside the house. Give it around 1 minute to the signal to change before rotating the antenna outside again. 
  • Rotate the outdoor antenna at about 45 degrees or 1/8th. Let the person inside the house check see if the signal strength changes. 
  • Repeat this by adding 45 degrees to the previous positions until you can get a stronger signal. Consider trying all the eight directions. 
  • Once done testing in all directions, you can then compare the results to see which one is the strongest. The close the dB is to 0, the stronger the signal. 
  • Fix the antenna pointing at the direction with the strongest signal. 

It would be advisable to mount the antenna on the sides of the building aiming away from it. There will be fewer obstacles this way. You should also consider doing this as a pair when testing to accelerate the process, and for convenience. 

8. How Do I Interpret Signal Testing Results In dB?

Switch to your phone to Field Test Mode to see exact network parameters. Here are a few tips on how to determine the best dB signal for better signal reception. 

  • -105 to -100 = Bad signal/drop call
  • -99 to -90  = weak signal/ might break up
  • -89 to -80 = Signal is ok but could have a few issues
  • -75 to -65 = Good signal strength
  • Over -65  = Excellent signal

With this in mind, the main idea will be to get at least -78dB signal for reliable communication and an even stronger signal inside. 

You should also consider that signal strength is slightly different when measuring in dBm for 3G and 4G. For better understanding take a look at the table below:











-71 to -85dBm

-91 to -105dBm

-86 to -100 dBm

-106 to -110dBm

-101 to -109dBm

-111 to -119dBm



9. Do I Need A Technician To Install The Repeater System?

Almost every mobile phone signal repeater system can be installed in a DIY if its for a single room. All you need to do is read the manual first.  Once you’ve done that, you should be able to install the repeater even without any technical knowledge or expertise in communications. But if you have decided to go with the commercial signal booster or a consumer signal booster solutions you will not have to worry about a thing. Our engineers and technical support team will find the best solution to boost your signal, do all installations for you and after you’ll enjoy the benefits of no more dropped calls and faster internet speed.

For larger buildings and multiple room installation a professional install is recommended. Contact our team to book a survey now.

10. Can The 3G Phone Repeater Be Used To Improve Cellular Communication? 

Many of the current mobile phones can support different frequency bands with no hitches. These phones support GSM for communication and 3G for internet connectivity easily. It is, however, worth noting that most 3G signal repeaters are only designed to boost data exchange. In other words, they only support mobile internet and applications on these phones. Although you might see a 3G icon on your phone, you might still experience dropped calls. That said, you’ll need to invest in a GSM mobile signal booster supporting the frequency range that your carrier uses.  For countries in Europe and Asia, GSM boosters supporting the 900MHz band will be ideal. Clients from other countries should consider using the search form to find the perfect repeater.

11. Will One Cell Phone Repeater Cover A Few Rooms And Floors?

Almost all the powerful signal repeaters can service several rooms and floors comfortably. You might, however, need to invest in the most powerful of these repeaters for the best results. Be sure to consider factors such as building materials used in the house. Metal and concrete walls will have a considerable impact on the signal strength; one of the reasons you should ask a professional to help you pick the right device for such an application. Two repeaters might come in handy in larger houses and even more floors.

12. How Can I Tell The Difference Between A Working And Non-working 3G Repeater?

The G cell phone repeater has LED indicators showing device activity and signal status. For instance, the green LED shows that the repeater is powered on, while the red LED shows 3G reception. The red LED will glow and continuously blink for as long there’s a 3G signal. The third LED, the Alarm LED, indicates a malfunctioning repeater. If this LED is on, your repeater might require setting up, again. 

The number of LED indicators will vary from one repeater and model to the other. Be sure to consult the manual to determine how these work for your model.

13. What is the difference between a mobile repeater and a signal booster

Technically there is a large number of types of boosters and repeaters but in the IE the terms are used interchangeably. For full details see the mobile signal home page where we explain all about mobile phone boosters and mobile repeaters.